CXXV 3x125MM 12.8

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Flex Control
The CXXV's perfect flex control is your secret weapon. A frame that is too stiff skips across the road at the end of the push. A frame that is too soft will feel mushy and slow. The CXXV has the perfect amount of flex for maximum control.

Computer Aided Stress Testing
Bont employs the most advanced computer aided frame stress testing on the market. This ensures that every part of the frame is strong enough to withstand month after month of skating without suffering metal fatigue which is a popular cause of frame breakage. The design was then tested in our 3D simulator which tests the frames strengths and weaknesses in a real skating simulation. The design was tweaked and re-tested. This is why Bont has not had a single frame break in the last 10 years.

CXXV (Black)
Mounting:2 Point 195mm

Deck Height:
(center axle to top of frame)
Front 59.5mm Rear 70.5mm

Weight 219g
Material 7005

Made in Taiwan