Cádo Motus
Rookie NS2

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De perfecte schoen voor de mensen met zwakkere enkels. De NS2 biedt extra veel ondersteuning aan de enkel doordat deze hoger is dan de gemiddelde skeelerschoen. De schoen heeft een stevige CadoMotus buckle en is volledig thermoplastisch vervormbaar. Aan de bovenzijde vindt u een klittenband sluiting om er voor te zorgen dat de enkel goed gefixeerd blijft zitten in de schoen.

The NS2 is the cousin of the SR2, for those that have the ability and heart that say "I am Cádomotus" on those long races where endurance is key. Because Cádomotus is about the science and speed of intelligent motion.
This boot provides the platform for greatness, from which you'll spring into the lead and cross the finish line first. Control and stability come from a higher cuff that's form fitting at the ankle, for maximum support on the push attack. And there's very little more important than keeping that heel clamped down and seated deep in the pocket for top power performance in your stride, particularly when you're a little higher in your position for extended periods of time. This is where the NS2 stands out. You'll feel the difference immediately, and soon realize how minor adjustments in angle and heel depth have maximum returns. This is what most skaters pay top dollar for in a custom skate - it's all right here with this advantage packed boot.
See for yourself why a purposeful path to development is worth your time as your race times drop and your speed accelerates to new personal and course records. When you add a frame that supports 125mm wheels, you'll have that final advantage, top speed from maximum wheel base, stride support and increased roll.
For marathon skaters and mile-hounds who want to maintain top speed over long distance, this is the right boot to achieve your goals.
Cádo MotusRookie NS2
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Cádo Motus is één van ’s werelds meest gespecialiseerde merken in skeelers, inline speed skates, schaatsen, klapschaatsen, schaats- en skeelerhelmen en alles wat je verder nodig hebt om deze sporten zo goed en professioneel te kunnen uitoefenen.

Schaatskleding, skeelerkleding, rugzakken, tassen, slijpblokken en andere tools voor onderhoud van je schaatsen en inline skates zijn uit voorraad leverbaar bij Koole Sport en Skate-dump.nl.