Cronos 3x125

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A special, extremely universal model for either shorter city routes or large roller-skating tracks. Skates with increasing popularity are designed for absolutely universal use due to their construction and equipement. Thanks to the very short chassisa, a simple maneuverability is guaranteed. The skate is basically equipped with a modern combination of three 125 mm wheels which help to reach very high speed. It is also possible to fit smaller wheels with a minimum size of 90 mm into the chassis. For advanced and experienced skaters.

The shell and RAPID chassis are designed to withstand high loads. The shell is made of PE, two-part with ventilation in the lower part of the shell and liner. At the top, the shell has a self-locking buckle with a spring + instep strap with double cover and microbuckle. Below the heel is a shock absorber for a more comfortable ride. On the most heavily loaded side of the skate is a replaceable protector which is attached by two screws. No brake.

TEMPISH RAPID 3S UNI chassis is made of high strength AL A356 alloy which is very robust and durable.

The pitch of the first and last wheels is: 276 mm / 10.87 "

The 150 mm to 195 mm shoe mounting holes cover the most common pitches 150, 165, 180 and 195 mm. The hole in the chassis under the instep (at the front) allows the transversal individual adjustment of the chassis position to the shoe according to the user's skating style and the body structure of the skater. Surface Elox technologies.

Wheels: TEMPISH PU super hi-rebound 3 * 125 90A

Stable load bearing capacity 4